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Pavitratma Nilayam, Velvarthy:

Established in 1981, Diocese of Nalgonda

One of the main thrusts of the Province has been to work in the interior villages in non-institutional settings. Hence, the Pavitratma Nilayam, Velvarthy, community began on 15th July 1981.

It belongs to Valigonda Mandal and Nalgonda Diocese. This community became for us an entry point into the Andhra Mission.

The original vision for this community was to spread the Kingdom of God, that is, peace, love and joy to all, especially the poor and the marginalized, through our non-structured way of life and through sharing the life-struggles of the people.

We sisters actively participate in all the activities in the parish especially teaching catechism for the children of the parish.

On receiving continual requests from the people

An English medium school with a Pre-primary section was opened in 1992. at a place close to Valigonda centre. A Technical training programme was also started there. Later on when a new English medium school was begun one km away from Valigonda centre, the pre-primary school section was shifted there. The rooms there remained unused for some years. Later on a hall for Balavikasa was constructed in the campus for their meetings.

In the course of time, sensing the needs of the people and guided by the Chapter priority

for “Empowerment of Women”, the Sisters collaborated with the NGO- Bala Vikasa, which sought to uplift village women, through conscientization programmes, to be aware of their rights and duties and to enable them to stand on their own feet through various activities.

Through this organization, our Sisters are working with one hundred fifty (150) Sangams. Involving more than two thousand (2000) women, and covering seventeen (17) villages in Valigonda Mandal.

Women also actively participate in the national events and awareness days]

Old and Destitute:- Once in every 3 months 20 old people who have nobody are provided with ration and twice they are given clothing and a good meal. More than giving things they are made to feel that they are loved and cared for. They wait for the day of their gathering. When they return back to their dwellings with tears of joy in their eyes and gratitude in their hearts. They raise their hands to God as they take leave of us. We too experience a deep joy and satisfaction within us seeing their joy.

A new venture taken up by this community is the Shanti Nilayam Orphanage begun in 2001. The thirty- five (35) children enrolled-boys nd girls- are either orphans or are from single parent families. They come from the surrounding villages.

In June 2006, an English medium kindergarten (LKG and UKG) was started in its campus to give an educational foundation to the poor children living in the surrounding areas with the condition that if parents desired, the children could get admission in Pavitratma English medium School in Valigonda, run by our Sisters.

The old Pre-primary school was repaired and modified and is now being used as HIV-AIDS Counselling centre known as Jeevithasha, started on August 16 th 2008.

Thus Velvarthy, has spread its missionary arms to many in rural areas, in specific and diverse ways, to be “ Good News” to the people there.



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