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StreeVani , Pune
Since 1982

Streevani (The voice of Women) initially began as a research wing of Ishvani Kendra, a national centre for mission. Today it is an independent organization) focusing on issues related to the empowerment of women


The organization took its shape from the fierce convictions of its founders that empowerment of women is one of the most urgent tasks of our times. Streevani came into existence in 1982 as a follow up of a consultation among a group of women. Streevani began working with four target groups in Maharashtra namely the Dalits, deserted wives, battered women and generally women in need.

The findings of various research projects were published in book forms. One of the golden feathers that added to the crown of Streevani is the film ‘BAI’ based on oral histories of Dalit women which was produced by Streevani and it was honored by the Central Government with an award for best social welfare film in 1985.


"We aim at pushing our women beyond boundaries set by themselves and the community, so that they can stake their claim and be equal partners in our society".

Succinctly put, Streevani’s vision is the integral liberation of woman in view of restoring her dignity as a person and an equal partner with man within the framework of the Indian society. It envisions the formation of a worldwide community of women in solidarity, awakening to the possibilities of women's own specific contributions to all aspects of development and integral human liberation


Streevani has adopted a noble mission for itself. It aims to actively contribute to the creation of a gender-just society and to provide women with guidance, input, and support to transform them into facilitators of the process of self-realization and empowerment in their turn.


The objectives that the organization has set for itself can be formulated as follows:

  • Exploring what is specific to women's experiences of reality

  • Empowerment of women

  • Sketching the image of women in the context of their struggle for human hood

  • Promoting awareness among women themselves regarding the causes of, and the solutions to their problems

  • Motivating women's organizations and other like-minded outfits and individuals to acquire a deeper awareness of women's issues

  • Outreach measures to support women in crisis situations, and generally in need, leading them to remedial action and empowerment

  • Networking with other women's organizations in view of collaborative action, proper channeling of resources, sharing of experiences, and promoting solidarity feeling

  • Building up a well-stocked library and documentation center for women

  • Dissemination of liberative ideas through publications, seminars, and workshops





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