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Maria Sadan, Shikaripur – Since 2002

The Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit came to Shikaripura on 24 th May 2004 at the request of Shimoga Bishop Rt. Rev. Gerald Issac Lobo. For our stay Bishop offered the staff quarters and we were happy to begin our life in a very simple set up.

We were invited to extend quality education in the already existing Kannada medium Upper primary school and also to provide socio/pastoral care and services.

The parish has about forty Catholic families together with 2 sub stations. Parish also has a Kannada medium school.

Our sister is the Head Mistress of the school. Because of this there are many opportunities to build positive rapport with the people of all religions. We do take part in their celebrations and festivals. Communal harmony is promoted through inter religious dialogue. Readings from different Scriptures are integrated in the assembly prayer and festivals of different religions are celebrated in the school. We also provide tuition classes for deserving students.

We work in close collaboration with the diocesan social service society, which reaches out to the poor and marginalized of this diocese. We do have self help groups for women, leadership of women is emphasized, and different developmental activities are taken up for the women. Awareness is created regarding equality, dignity and improved quality of life among the marginalized women.

Pastoral work in the parish is another important area where we reach out. Faith formation is given much importance. Visits to sub stations, family visits, Sunday catechism, preparation for the sacraments, work with the youth through young Catholic students group, training of catholic women leaders, assisting in building small Christian communities etc.

As we were staying in the church property it was a felt need that we have a house of our own, accordingly a plot of land was bought and a new convent was constructed and blessed in the year 2008.

Now we have sufficient place for our ministry to reach out to the people around us.




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