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Maria Sadan Convent, Periyapatna –Since 1998

The Maria Sadan Convent came into existence at Periyapatna on September 13, 1998 in the diocese of Mysore. Periyapatna is about 70 kms away from the city of Mysore towards Northwest direction.

St. Mary's Hospital provides health care services to promote quality of life to the poor and the needy.

The thrust of the hospital is to provide necessary care and treatment to all categories of people regardless of their financial status and also to reach out to the rural areas where the medical facilities are not available.

St. Mary's Hospital began only as an outpatient department. The center gained its name for continued committed service and prompt attention to the people. Therefore OPD patient started to increase and it is equipped with in-patient facilities too. Hospital began with basic facilities such as diagnostic facilities, operation facilities and OPD care given by doctors in various specialties. Major emergencies we give basic care and send the patients to higher centers.

The original vision was and still is to provide health facilities to all irrespective of caste, creed and language - in particular to the poorest of the area. The motto of the hospital is "Promoting Quality Life"

Through the mobile clinic the sisters try to reach out to the poor who have no health care facilities in their villages. Since we are blessed with an ambulance this becomes handy to reach out to far away villages. We have been awarded by the Rotary of this Taluk for the best service rendered.

Pastoral: St. Mary's parish, Periyapatna is about 5 minutes walk from the Convent. Pastoral work includes catering to about 60 Catholic families belonging to different language groups. The pastoral endeavor includes teaching catechism, preparing children for First Holy Communion and Confirmation, family visits, and visiting the substations.

We experience the Divine Grace to take risk and continue the healing ministry of our Lord. His Grace is sufficient to Serve and be a true Servant of the Holy Spirit.


Contact us:-

Maria Sadan Convent
St. Mary’s Hospital
Gonikoppa Road
Periyapatna – 571 107
Mysore Dist. Karnataka
Tel: 0820 674 420 (Hospital)
0821 673 530 (Community)

Convent of the Holy Spirit
S O S Post
Banergutta Road
Bangalore - 81
Phone: 080-26583430