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Pavitratma Sadan, Pattencheru:

Established in 1987, Archdiocese of Hyderabad

Pattencheru community was born as a branch community of Velvarthy in 1986. The Sisters began their work living in two rooms in the SVD school. On 22 nd April 1994, they shifted to a new convent building where they are living presently.

The original vision of this community was:
  • To collaborate with our SVD brethren in their mission.
  • To evangelize through education ministry,
  • To identify anonymous Catholics working in different factories,
  • To reach out to the nearby villages and provide preventive and medical facilities for them, and
  • To run Balwadi, a school for the drop-outs.

Today, the convent serves as a formation community for the candidacy stage of formation and a Nursery class is also run there after which they are admitted in St. Joseph’s School run by the SVDs where when there is a vacancy; one of our sisters also teach. The Sisters are also involved in pastoral work, teaching Catechism and family visits. Besides this, from August 1, 2006, to the end of the academic year, in collaboration with the SVD at Divine Retreat Centre, Muthangi, our Sisters and Candidates took care of the rag pickers’ children.

Thus our various ministries here not only provides an educational experience for the children but also gives the Candidates ample opportunities to interact with our target groups right from their initial stage of formation.




Contact us:-

Pavitratma Sadan
J.P. Colony, Road Nr.3
House No 8-6/1
Pattencheru – 502 319
Medak Dist. Andhra Pradesh
Tel: 084 55 2425 60

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