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Holy Spirit Home

The Holy Spirit Home is truly, a “Home away from home “ for the aged run by the Holy Spirit Sisters, belonging to the society of the Servants of the Holy Spirit (SSpS), animated by missionary charism.

Our Motto : “Service in Love”

Our vision : Holy Spirit Home will be an exceptional place of quality care, service, peace, and harmony for the aged in accordance with the rich charism of our founders St. Arnorld Janssen and Blessed Maria and Josepha.

Our Mission : We commit ourselves to impart God’s boundless love and compassion to the aged, through tender care and loving concern.

Our Goals :

  • Create an atmosphere conducive to prayer, reflection and serenity.
  • Nurture peace, love and hope, trough daily prayer, Holy Mass, and healing service.
  • To revitalize their physical energy through indoor games, and other recreational facilities
  • Provide prompt attention to their needs with love and concern.
  • To provide a healthy outlook towards aging gracefully
  • Provide end stage care with respect for life.

The Home and its Milieu.

The home was founded in the year 2006. It is situated, in the Holy Spirit convent Complex, in a peaceful and idyllic setting, with lush and pleasing greenery, of flowering trees and shrubs, enlivened by the lilt and melody of bird song. The vast open spaces around the verdant cover beckon you to walk around for recreation and physical exercise.

The main building is an imposing two-storied edifice, hexagonal in design, enclosing a lovely floral garden, with lush lawn, that lends charm and color to the scene. The building is so designed that it allows free flow of light and air.

The spacious and long corridors all along the ground floor and the upper storey’s allow free movement.

There is a ramp to facilitate movement to and fro of the disabled and handicapped inmates with the help of a wheel chair or stretcher.

Hospitals of repute such as Appolo, Forits, and Jayadeva Institute of Cardiology, and St John’s Medical College Hospital are within easy, reach, which provide expert medical care and attention. The south Indian Bank has a branch in the premises which is just a stone’s through from the Home. There are decent shopping complex not far from the Home,

Amenities in the Home:


  • All rooms are self contained with various designs and facilities, well lit and ventilated. They are furnished with basic items of furniture such as cupboards, cot, chair and table. All the rooms are provided with solar and electric lighting, solar heated hot water is provided round the clock.


  • The refectory is spacious, clean and hygienic, well lit and ventilated, with utility furniture. The kitchen is modern and hygienic, with experienced cooks, serving nutritious and balanced food supervised by the sister in charge.

Recreation Room

  • There is a recreation room for reading, and relaxation. A common TV is provided with cable connection for those who like to watch .


  • The Clinic in the home is equipped to meet medical emergency needs. There two sisters in the home who are trained nurses and a doctor to meet the day to day and emergency needs. Cases that cannot be managed here will be shifted to the near by hospital for further care.


  • All are welcome to the Chapel (prayer room), with in the home, for prayer and reflection. Daily Holy Mass in the morning and prayer service in the evening is arranged by the sister in charge.


  • Laundry facilities are available in the Home.

Terms and conditions :

  • Admission is open to the aged (age limit above 75 years), sickly or even bedridden.
  • No one with psychiatric illness or an alcoholic or those against whom litigation in court is pending, are eligible for admission

Advance booking

The room could be booked in advance on the payment of Rs. 10,000 which is not refundable if the admission is cancelled

Deposit before admission :

  • A prescribed amount shall be deposited before the admission according to the room and its facilities. The deposit amount shall be refunded with out interest in the event of death or leaving the Home for good, as per the schedule given in the agreement form. There will be no refund of the deposit after five year’s stay in the Home.

Monthly Payment :

A monthly charge for the food, room rent, and maintance shall be levied.

All residents shall settle their monthly charges before the 5 th of the current month.

  • Inmates desiring to avail any electric or electronic appliances will have to pay an extra amount as per the appliances towards electricity charges
  • In view of the abnormal escalation of the cost of daily necessities and services, there will be revision of the monthly charges periodically.

Medical care:

  • The sisters/nurses in the Home will attend to routine nursing care. A doctor will be available for medical aid. Each resident may engage if necessary his/her own family doctor or specialist to attend on him/her at his/her expense.
  • All the expenses of hospitalization and medical charges shall l be borne by the nominee/guardian.

The room allotted:

  • The inmate has no tenancy or occupancy right over the room allotted. The room can be changed with due notice at the discretion of the Sister in charge.
  • The inmate should provide themselves with essential necessities like, mattress, bed-linen, pillows with covers, blankets, personal clothing, cutlery and crockery, Tiffin carrier/hot box, thermos flask, toiletries etc before admission
  • The inmates shall be liable to compensate any damage caused to the room furniture, electrical and sanitary fittings and installations.


  • In case any repair or other works is required to be undertaken in the room the same should be duly notified to the Sister in charge and her prior approval obtained.


  • The inmates are not allowed to wash their clothes/linen in their bathrooms. No ironing shall be done in the room, the common ironing place provided may be availed of

Personal belongings:

  • The inmates shall take due precaution and care, with regard to their cash, jewelry and other valuables, mobile phones or any other articles. The Home is not responsible for any damage or loss in this regard.

Personal conduct

  • The inmates are required to maintain cordial relations, peace and harmony with all residing in the Home and abide faithfully b the rules and regulations prescribed.
  • They are advised to conform to due reverence during Holy Mass, the liturgical celebration, prayers, etc. In the Home Chapel and refrain from disturbance, through the use of mobile phone other media.


  • If at any time the Sister in Charge is of the view that the conduct/behavior, of any inmate is prejudicial to the interest and aims and objectives of the Home or is in violation of its rules and regulation, she would have the right to ask the inmate on a moth’s notice to leave the Home. She would do so in consultation with the Advisory committee.

Overnight stay out of Home

  • I f the inmate is required to go out or stay overnight away from the home /she should obtain prior permission, from the sister in charge and intimate the date and time of return, and the contact means e.g. phone number or address. It should be written in the in/our register kept at the reception.

Cleanliness :

  • The inmates are requested to keep the room and its surroundings clean and tidy at all times. Twice a week the service personal of the Home will undertake general cleaning of the room and toilets.


  • No relatives, friends or outsiders will be allowed to stay over night in the inmate’s room.
  • Relatives and friends are welcome to visit the inmates till 7:00pm.
  • All visitors should leave the Home by 7:00pm.


  • In the event of death of the inmate, the nominee/guardian shall undertake the responsibility, to meet all the expenses, with regard to the funeral, the place for funeral obsequies and burial.

The Sister in Charge

  • The Sister in Charge is responsible for the day today administration of the home for which she needs whole hearted cooperation of the inmates, to make it a real Home. Her decision, in the day to day management of the home , in all matters shall be final and binding on the inmates.


  • The guardian/Nominee will meet the sister in charge and discuss matters of concern as and when need, or at least once a month. Any change in the address and contact numbers shall be notified to the sister in charge as soon as possible.


  • The terms and conditions specified here in are liable to change amendment fro m time to time with due notice to the inmates depending on circumstance at the discretion of the advisory committee of the Home.



  • In conformation of acceptance of the terms and conditions specified herein each inmate shall furnish in original, a copy of the prescribed from of agreement, duly attested by the in mate/ nominee and the guardian.
  • Kindly submit a passport size and full size photo with the agreement form

May God bless your stay in this Home.


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