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Holy Spirit Convent,

Established in 1993,
Diocese of Vijayawada

Kuchipudi is a small town about 60 km away from Vijayawada. A parish had been erected there in 1992 with a great scope for evangelization.

As we entered the mission here, our focus and task was to make Christ known and loved and to provide educational opportunity by starting an English medium school there.

The place is also famous for a special type of Indian dance known as Kuchipudi dance.

The school demonstrates consistently excellent performance in academics and provides extra-curricular activities such as social, cultural, physical etc.

From 1998 onwards our sisters have been involved in Andhra Pradesh Service Society (APSS) which caters to empowering women. The collaborative work with women and APSS included the formation of Mahila Mandals in twelve(12)villages where more than eight hundred(800) women participated in the progrmme. Issues of health problems, Social evils related to women, the subservient role of women, women and family life and society were addressed.

The SSpS involvement in this ministry was discontinued due to lack of personnel and risks, However, after discerning the felt need of reaching out to women still more, in 2004, the Sisters began collaboration with the Bala Vikasa movement. , the thrust being woman empowerment and social reform. More than one thousand (1000) in eighty ( 80) groups were involved. Due to certain unavoidable circumstances and lack of personnel, the Balavikasa has been discontinued here since 2009.





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