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Holy Spirit Convent (SnehSadan),Culvem

– Since 2000

Snehasadan, Culvem is a Jesuit- SSpS collaborative venture to care for girl children. In fact, this is the second house in our South Indian Province where we are engaged in direct collaboration with other institutions.

It was inaugurated on 8 th September 2000 – the Jubilee year of the Lord.

Original Vision-Mission-Goals of this community are:

To provide the girls with a home and loving presence; to care for their education and physical growth; to provide guidance and help when they are in need; to network with other Snehasadan houses for better learning; to witness to the Gospel values by living with them; and to extend our help in the parish and its needs.

This is a home and a shelter to disadvantaged girls, mainly picked up from the streets, railway stations and red light areas in and around Mumbai. The house was originally meant for 10 inmates, but we do have about 15 children.

The sisters have their meals and all other activities with these girls who are now being rehabilitated. The girls' ages range from about 6 to 16 years. However, it is heartening to see how well they are taken care of on all matters like health, schooling, hygiene, etiquette and personal care.








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Holy Spirit Convent
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Mumbai – 400 091
Tel: 022 2845 20 53

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