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Pavitratma Convent, Valigonda - Hostel

Hostel: A need for a hostel for both boys and girls whose homes were far away, was felt and so it was started as soon as the school building was ready.

The hostelites stayed in some class rooms in the new school. Later on a new hostel was built close to the new Convent.

They need love and care day and night and they are also helped in their studies. They are also trained to care for themselves and to learn to do the different tasks and responsibilities.

Today, in carrying out the educational ministry, our Sisters have contacts with many families and the values taught in the school reach their homes, which are visited frequently and regularly. The children of the poor are encouraged to come to school. Girl children are given preference during admission. Helping the weak students through tuition classes and a follow up of their studies bring the sisters close to them and their various needs are taken care of as much as possible.

In the year 2006, the Pre-primary section was shifted to the new school. As the school needed more classrooms to accommodate the increasing number of students, on august 16 th 2008, a new extension of the school was inaugurated and .in July 2009 the total number of students has risen to around 1200.

Since June 2007. Valigonda has become an independent parish, bifurcated from Velvarthy.and the Sisters in this community take care of Valigonda parish and a sub-station Thumbelagudem also known as Lourde Nagar

As mentioned earlier, on 16 th August 2008, a centre called Jeevitasha-a counseling centre for HIV-AIDS patients - was started by Velverthy community.in the old pre-primary school as the children had been already shifted from there to the new premises in Valigonda. The vacant school was repaired and is used as the Jeevitasha counseling centre. But now due to its proximity to Pavitratma Convent in Valigonda, the sisters who are working in that centre belong to Valigonda community and hence it has become one of the apostolates of Valigonda community since June 2009.

Hence now the vision, mission and goals of Valigonda community include healthcare dimension as well:

Vision: Provide care and support for people suffering from HIV/AIDS with love and compassion

Mission: to care for patients affected by HIV/AIDS irrespective of caste, creed, race, or language and to take up preventive programmes of awareness among staff and students of various institutions and by training animators for collaborating with other staff in this apostolate.


  1. To identify the patients affected by HIV/AIDS

  2. To counsel them and to pray with them and for them and to be supportive and


  3. To conduct awareness programme wherever and whenever possible.

  4. To prevent and eradicate the dreaded diseases like HIV/AIDS, T.B. etc, and to

       remove the stigma and discrimination attached them.

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