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Convent of the Holy Spirit has been the home for many formation groups - from the stage of Candidacy to Tertianship

It has celebrated the Silver Jubilee of its foundation in June 1995.

It was on the 6th of February 1933 that our four pioneering Sisters from Germany- Srs. Frederica, Fridburgis, Fridolina and Sixteena arrived at Mumbai by an Italian ship Called "Victoria." They arrived at Indore on the 7th of February, a red letter day for our Congregation in India.

The ground had already been prepared by the pioneering SVDs who had already taken over the Indore Mission in 1932.

Our Sisters got an entry point first in Kalyanmal Nursing Home (St. Vincent's Home), as some of the Sisters were nurses. The nursing Home was mainly for the patients of royal families such as the Kings of Holkar, Jhabua, Barwani, Rajgad etc. who were then ruling certain areas of India before our country got independence in 1947 and for the mill owners' families-- in short for the upper class. Although the Sisters were engaged in Administration, nursing care, dietary etc. management was carried out by a team appointed by the Government in consultation with the Royal families who lived in Indore.

In the following years as some more Sisters-Srs.Regulinda, Lippolda, Theodemara, Edelfridis, Juvatha, Wildena, Josia , Hilariona etc. arrived at Indore, our Sisters began their work in education as well and started a Hindi medium school in 1934, known as St. Paul's School, with 30-40 students, besides working in St. Raphael"s School. In the beginning, they stayed in Kalyanmal Nursing Home and came daily to St. Rapahael's and St. Paul's schools in a 'tonga' (a horse drawn cart) through the sun and rain, sometimes even walking as transport was not easily available at the time.

As the daily trip thus took much of their time, they began to live in another rented bungalow which was called St. Paul's Convent near St. Paul's school, with Sr. Hilariona Schlotmann as the Superior. The School was situated in Manoramaganj, with a boarding attached to it. It was much closer to St. Raphael's School. The sisters who taught in St. Raphael's could also stay there and go to St. Raphael-'s on foot. The school and boarding were discontinued eventually due to lack of funds. Now there stands in its place Navabharath printing Press.

Our Sisters continued their ministry in the Nursing Home and in St. Raphael's school which had been started in 1928 with very few students, by Rev. Fr. D'Silva, a Diocesan priest, in fulfillment of the desire of Fr. Rafael, the former parish priest (a Capuchin priest), and hence its name St. Raphael's, his predecessor. When St.Paul's convent was closed, the sisters began to stay in Government quarters known as 'Married men's quarters' close to St. Raphael's school. The school had only 4 students to begin with. Later, Mother Vincent of the Congregation of St Mary of the Angels in Mhow, near Indore, helped him to run the school.

Then from 1932 to 1948 the SVDs took over, having Rev. Fr. Proksch SVD as its Principal. Some of the Holy Spirit Sisters worked there as teachers. Soon the number of students increased to 101, from K.G to IV th standard. Year by year one class was added and then from 1948 onwards it was given over to Holy Spirit Sisters, when Sr.Theodemara became its first Principal.

At first it was a co-ed. school having classes only up to Junior Cambridge, and then it was raised to Senior Cambridge, then to Intermediate, Pre-University A / and B and then to Higher Secondary School which then changed into +2 as in other States, according to the need of the time.

From 1958 onwards we stopped taking boys in our school and for those who had been already admitted earlier, another section was opened for boys known as St. Raphael's boys' section, opposite to the Satprachar press ( at present St. Paul's Primary School).



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