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DEEPALAYA , Gulbarga .
– Since 2008

Gulbarga is a mission diocese with 6500 Catholics spread in three districts. This part is known as Hyderabad Karnataka and is the least developed part of Karnataka. And therefore requires our presence.

Gulbarga community was established on 31 May 2008. Our Vision is being rooted in the Trinity we strive to build community of communion to reach out to the people entrusted to our care by being bearers of Christ for the transformation and wholeness of the students and the lesser privileged.

The pioneer members of the community were Srs. Ida, Sarita and Rajani. Bishop of Gulbarga was happy to have the SSpS in his new diocese which is just three years old. Before establishing this community Sr. Ida had spent one year in a village living with the dalits, bishop felt that we SSpS could make a greater impact if we are in the city than limiting ourselves to a small village or few villages. With this request of the bishop and with our own discernment a community was established, bishop asked the provincial administration if one sister could work in the newly established diocesan English medium school to which we agreed.

At present the community is involved with varied activities such as prison ministry, domestic workers, legal practice, education, giving inputs and training on human rights, women issues, dalit issues etc.. to different groups, involvement in the parish, through all this we hope to make our presence felt, there are many more possibilities to which we can venture into in the future if we have the resources for the same.

At present we are living in a rented house, after much search we were able to book a flat for ourselves, we will get the place ready by April 2010. This place is much closer to the town and to our working places, we thank God, soon we will have a place of our own.

Begining of Ekamba Mission in Bidar district, Karnataka.

A new mission in Ekamba, Bidar District in Karnataka was begun on the 11th of July 2015 in response to the need of the people of the area and also to earmark the 125 years of our Foundation.

Ministries The sisters involved are: Nonformal Education, Faith formation, and Social work. The beginners were Srs Theresa Rebello, Rosaline Mascarenahs, and Nirmala Mendonca. They stay in a rented house while getting involved with the local people.








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