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Arul Oli Ilam,

Kalayarkoil –Since 1988

Our community at Arul Oli Illam is the first vocational house in Tamil Nadu.

“Arul” means “grace”. It is also another name for ‘ John' and is associated with Saint John de Britto. “Oli” means “light” and “Illam” means “house”; therefore, Arul Oli Ilam is a house of light and grace.

In November 1988, we received an invitation from the Bishop of Sivagangai, Bishop Edward Francis, to take up ministry in the Diocese. The blessing of the rented house took place on 04 June 1990 and the Sisters began their mission in Kalayarkoil.

Since the health ministry was not a need in the area, the Sisters engaged themselves in the pastoral and educational ministry.

Through the school, the Sisters have expanded their contact with the people and are involved in working with the youth, women and children of the parish. Our work includes preparing children for the Sacraments, couples for marriage, teaching catechism, conducting prayer services and Bible classes in the neighboring villages, and holding meetings with youth and women groups. Vocational camps are conducted where girls have an opportunity to come to know about our Congregation.










Contact us:-

Arul Oli Illam (Holy Spirit Convent)
Kalayarkoil P.O.
Kallal Road, Seegoorani
Sivagangai Dist. – 630 551
Tamil Nandu
Tel: 04575 232 256 (Convent)
04575 232 047 (School)