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* Healthcare Ministry

Holy Spirit Hospital, Mumbai: The vision of the hospital is to provide cost effective health care for the people around. Over the years it has grown into multispecialty, teaching hospital in par with all the other hospitals in Mumbai. The original vision of health care services to the poor is continued. A team of doctors, nurses and social workers daily visits the near by slums and provide medical care and health education. Regular vaccination programs also are conducted in the slum clinics

St Mary’s Hospital, Periyapatna : It is a rural hospital that provides health care facilities to the people around. Most of people around the area are poor farmers who are not able to get health facilities of the city hospitals. To get good doctors and their services to area is a big problem. Doctors prefer to work in cities. Holy Spirit hospital from Mumbai, sends some of their post graduate students to this hospital for short periods.

Holy Spirit Homeopathic Clinic, Bangalore: It is started in 2006, part of the provincial house area is utilized for this purpose Lots of people are aware of the benefits of alternate system of medicine especially of homeopathy and come for treatment here. Sr. Mercy, a qualified homeopathic doctor attends to all the patients who come for treatment.

* Socio Pastoral Ministries:

Stree vani Pune: It is an organization that works for integral liberation of Women. Our Priority is to deal with the issues of women who are battered, underprivileged, domestic workers, etc. The legal aspects of their rights are taken care through the court and lawyers.

Srs. Helen saldhana and Julie George through their dedicated and excellent services deals with the legal cell matters and arrange seminars and awareness programs for empowering women in general especially the religious women.

HIV/AIDS . Counseling and awareness programs: KAIROS at Kannur, and Validgonda in A.P: Srs Jaya Varghese and Jessy Mary are full time engaged with counseling of the infected and affected persons and conducts awareness programs to educate the people how to prevent the spread of AIDS and also how to handle and take care of the infected people. Sr. Jaya works with KAIROS at Calicut Kerala and Jessy Mary with our Center at Valigonda A.P.

Manasa : center for taking care of the mentally challenged children. Here our sisters work with the Catholic Shaba of Mangalore in taking care of the mentally challenged children at Manasa. We appreciate the patience and tolerance of our sisters who daily deals with these children.

Home for the aged at Bangalore : The price of hi-tech and high profile living is the nuclear families. Children do not have time and space for taking care of their old and infirm parents. So, home for the aged is the need of today’s times. We started this ministry in 2006 and at present we have 27 people living with us, the average age is 72years. Here we try to provide a sense of belonging and well being.

Home for the orphan and poor children ... Andhra Pradesh : The Velerthy community started a home for the poor, single parent, and orphan children of the surrounding area. The center takes care of the education and other needs of the children and is helped by many generous persons.

Home the street children, Bangalore : Started in 2006 in our provincial house campus to educate particularly the girl children. This is undertaken in collaboration with Don Bosco Center for street children Bangalore. Here we cater to deserving female children viz. street children, single parent children, children of prisoners, economically poor or children who are victims of natural calamities.

Three sisters stay in this house with the children. The children are connected back to their family members and sent home during school holidays.

* Education Ministry

Schools: Education is one of the main ministries of our congregation. Our schools give formal education to all the students regardless of cast, creed and religion. Middle class and poor children are our preferred group.

After the regular school hours, the school premises are utilized for informal education for poor children from the surrounding area who are not able to come for regular formal education. All the schools in our province have similar policies. The education group meets every year to decide on the education policies.

Holy Spirit English Medium School- Kuchipudi

Pavitratma English Medium School - Valigonda

Holy Spirit English Medium School - Kalayarkoil

Holy Spirit English Medium School - Bangalore


* Domestic workers‘ Movement

We are also involved in Karnataka domestic workers’ movement (KDWM) which is a Regional Branch of the Domestic Workers’ movement of India (DWMI). KDWM aims at educating, organizing and there by empowering the domestic workers to carry out their work in a dignified and responsible way so as to benefit the society.

* Counseling

Another apostolate is counseling. In addition to conducting vocational growth sessions for young priest and sisters, several come for dealing with personal issues. Counseling for school children has also begun recently


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