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12th December 2010, the day eagerly awaited had come. We stood witnessing the blessing of our new house in a simple ceremony.

"Anugraha" means Grace or Blessing, which is considered as one of the five functions of the Divine Spirit that ultimately leads to Liberation or "Mukti". The Grace or the Anugraha of God is endless. Anugraha also refers to God's Mercy, Favour, & Compassion - meaning God's loving kindness holds us and follows us where ever we go.

It was a long cherished dream in the Province to have some facility at Holy Spirit Hospital campus that would provide a conducive atmosphere to our elderly and sick Sisters who require medical care. Besides, it would also be a home for the SSpS sisters from all the four Indian provinces who seek medical treatment at Holy Spirit Hospital. It would also function as a transit house for our overseas Missionaries, and a formation house for our student sisters and the

We sisters at Anugraha, feel that we are fortunate to have this new home and we consider it a great blessing of God - Jeevan Data's gift to all of us.

At present this community consists of 15 sisters which includes the sick, the aged, the retired and some students belonging to different Provinces of India who are studying in our nursing Institute or outside. Besides the services already mentioned above, we also do pastoral service in the hospital and in the parish, teach Catechism, get involved in the service for the Migrant workers who come from all over India and Prison ministry, visit the sick and pray for them, Vocation promotion, Holy Spirit Association wherein we do various activities along with them , visit families, Conduct SCC meetings, conduct tuition for the needy etc. Most of the sisters help out in the Holy Spirit Hospital in different ways so that we too feel happy to be a part of the healing ministry. May God be praised !


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